Mr. K is my co-teacher and I observe him every day as we teach our Algebra 1 Semester 1 re-takers. 1. Techniques methods to convey information? Mr. K has a lot of ideas for simple hooks which draw the students in and usually provide a visual example of what we are learning for the day. […]

As we come to within a week of Spring Break, I can’t believe I have made it through my 3rd Quarter of teaching high school math.  There have been a lot of ups and downs these past two weeks. I think the kids are getting very antsy for spring break (as are the teachers). Algebra […]

These last two weeks of school have overall been going very well. I have organized my Algebra 1 semester 1 class using a Standards based grading system. An issue I have with this class is attendance.  This was obviously an issue with last semester, and probably the reason why many failed the first time. The […]

1. Techniques methods to convey information? Mr. B utilizes interesting and engaging worksheets to convey his information. His guided notes have a lot of extras which engage the students, even if it is a silly joke. Skills from the last class were reviewed during the Do Now. He uses a lot of cold calling to […]

Due to our whole first week back being cancelled due to snow and ice, I made some new additions to my room. The mastery tracker is now being used for my 2nd period semester 1 Algebra class and my Cambridge Honors Algebra class. The map is a fun way I tell my students about myself. […]

It has been a crazy second semester so far with all these snow days and the fact that those snow days have pushed back testing so much. This reflection will take on a bit of a different format, because there has been a lot of changes going on recently in my classroom!  One piece of […]

In this second half of the month I have seen some very encouraging things. We just received December ECA scores back, and while some of my older students still have not reached that 564 passing score, I have seen some major improvement. I am very confident that come May, those students that are hitting 400 […]